One component of the Aux Sable Creek Watershed Plan Update is to include a watershed-wide open space map as an appendix to the Plan. A portion of this has already been completed through an initiative that occurred in Kendall County in 2005-2007 called Protect Kendall Now! It created a county-wide open space plan. 77% of the Aux Sable Creek watershed is in Kendall County. However, approximately 22% is in Grundy County and 1% in Will County. The Kendall portion will not be changed or revisited. The project will focus on completing portions that have not been mapped and combining that with the Kendall portion to create a watershed-wide open space/green infrastructure plan.

To learn more about the Natural Treasures of Kendall County: Open Space and Natural Areas Plan, click here. To simply view the open space plan, click here.

A watershed-wide open space plan is now available.

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