Everyone lives in a watershed – the area that drains to a common stream or river.   Our lawns, driveways, and rooftops contribute runoff to nearby waterbodies. We as individuals and communities impact water quality. Understanding this places us in a position to care for our resources on a more personal level.

In Kendall County there are several watersheds: Aux Sable Creek, Big Rock Creek, Blackberry Creek, Morgan Creek, Nettle Creek, and Waubonsee Creek, to name a few.   Each of these watersheds drain into larger watersheds. The Aux Sable Creek drains into the Illinois River.

Click here for a map of the Aux Sable Creek watershed. What happens in the watershed can affect others, whether it is flooding, drought, poor water quality or other things. Watershed management strives to plan and work toward an environmentally and economically healthy watershed that benefits all who have a stake in it. Locally-led watershed partnerships can be very effective in improving water quality. This typically involves a process where actions are voluntary and strategies are specific to the watershed. The Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition is a grassroots organization that has been active promoting water quality since the mid 1990's. Click here to view a copy of the watershed's technical document created in the mid 1990's. In addition to that group, watershed residents and farmers have been active as well.