Stream restoration projects in the watershed are encouraged. Projects will vary, but often seek to achieve any of the following goals:

    • Improving connectivity (by modifying/removing dams, culverts and stream crossing)
    • Eliminating/minimizing channel  modifications (such as dredging and straightening)
    • Managing woody debris for flow and fish.  This goal should follow American Fisheries Society Guidelines (published document: Stream Obstruction Removal Guidelines by C. McConnell et al., editors.  Published in 1983.  Click here for a link to the document.)

This page will grow as we compile information on recent and ongoing restoration projects as well as new projects that come on-line. Please share your projects with us! Contact us to share information about your project. 

Some of the information we would like to post on this page include a brief project description, project location, contact information and pictures. Also, if you received grant funding for the projects please we'd like to include a short summary of the grants and amounts.  Others will benefit from knowing how you were able to accomplish your project.

Contact Information

The Conservation Foundation

(630) 428-4500

Kendall County SWCD

(630) 553-5821 x3

Joan Soltwish, Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition

(815) 467-2059