We’re looking for funding and resources to provide this program that gets the community involved.  If you would like to partner on this project please contact us.

Why is Storm Drain Stenciling Important?

Many people think that water pollution is caused by big business or large government facilities - places with pipes leading into the river. These are known as "point source" polluters.  However these sources typically make investments to improve their technology, to work to reduce their negative impact on water quality.  Stormwater run-off (a nonpoint source pollutant insert link to page on nonpoint source pollution) is the number one threat to water quality according to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Many storm drains take stormwater run-off directly to nearby river and tributaries without passing through a treatment facility. The water picks up various pollutants as it drains, which can negatively impact the stream’s plants, wildlife, and water quality.  Storm drain stenciling helps inform communities of the need to protect our streams and lakes by increasing awareness of our local water drainage system.  If people have a greater awareness, they are likely to be more careful what they allow to go down storm drains.

Storm drain stenciling has occurred in the past in other areas of Kendall County.  To date, no storm drain stenciling has occurred in the Aux Sable Creek Watershed.  Rightly so!  Until recently there were no subdivisions in the watershed that had storm drains draining to the creeks.   This has changed and a stenciling program would be good to consider.  Before the program can be offered, funding assistance is needed to cover the supplies needed for groups to initiate this activity. Those supplies include stencils, paint, a log sheet, and door hangers for the neighborhood (to explain where water drains and how to properly dispose of typical pollutants).

Who Can Participate?

  • Families: Storm drain stenciling is a great family outing that teaches community involvement and helps the natural environment. 
  • Homeowner Associations: Stenciling the storm drains in your subdivision can help protect nearby rivers, creeks and ponds that you and your neighbors enjoy.
  • School Groups: Classrooms, student clubs and teams can stencil the storm drains near their school as part of a water cycle unit or a fundraising project.
  • Scouting Groups: Boy and Girl Scouts, Indian Guides and Indian Princesses can do storm drain stenciling with their group as a service project.
  • Church Groups: Stewardship is made simple, fun and flexible through stenciling and it can be done for service days throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Service Organizations: Storm drain stenciling is great for Kiwanis, Rotary, Garden, Women's, Men's and other clubs looking for community service projects.
  • Corporate Outings: Companies who are looking to extend a helping hand with a fun bonding experience can do so on their own schedule.  No group is too large or too small for stenciling.










Contact Information

The Conservation Foundation

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Kendall County SWCD

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Joan Soltwish, Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition

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