This is integral to protecting the quality of the Aux Sable Creek. A plan, once completed, cannot sit on a shelf. We need to work to promote and implement it. Several strategies have been identified:

  • Contacting landowners pursuant to the watershed’s master open space plan (similar to PKN)
    This will only occur primarily in the Grundy County, since Kendall has already been done.

  • Conducting educational presentations to promote the updated Aux Sable Creek Watershed Plan and educate on conservation design principles to a variety of local entities. Activities to include:
    • Giving informational presentations on how water quality is protected through open space/green infrastructure planning and encouraging sustainable development within the watershed.
    • Sharing information on best management practices

  • Facilitating model conservation design developments in the Aux Sable Creek
    • Target developers in the area with a training module providing more information to developers to encourage conservation and sustainable development principles through a better understanding of the benefits, availability of resources, and market interest.
    • Emphasizing the cost savings of green principles (open space, best management practices, and green building) through use of the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Green Infrastructure Calculator and other appropriate tools to make conservation design development the norm in the Aux Sable Creek watershed.

  • Educating local governments and the general public on protection and stewardship of natural areas.