Watershed Quilt Project

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The Conservation@Home program is a great local education and outreach tool.  It provides a great network of information for homeowners to manage their yards to promote biodiversity and conserve water.  

If you know of other education and outreach tools that encourage eco-friendly practices among the various types of land uses in the watershed, please let us know.

Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition

The Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition is a group of interested watershed residents and local agencies working together to promote awareness of the exceptional natural resources in the Aux Sable Creek Watershed.  Part of that is to encourage activities that will protect and improve the watershed.  The Coalition works to identify challenges to the quality of the Aux Sable Creek Watershed, develop alternative strategies to address these challenges, and promote conservation education that will enhance stewardship in the watershed.

The Coalition meets as the group determines.  For information about their current schedule or how to get involved, contact Joan Soltwisch at (815) 467-2059.

Illinois Master Naturalist Program

The University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist program provides science-based educational opportunities that connect people with nature and help them become engaged environmental stewards.

Kendall County Extension offers this program, click here for information.  Grundy County Extension does not currently offer this program.

Sustainable Sites Iniaitive

The services people enjoy from healthy ecosystems are the unobtrusive foundation of daily life. Yet people often underestimate or simply ignore the values from these "ecosystem services" when making land-use decisions— only to realize later how difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible it is to replicate services once they are lost. The central message of the Sustainable Sites Initiative is that any landscape—whether the site of a large subdivision, a shopping mall, a park, an abandoned rail yard, or even one home—holds the potential both to improve and to regenerate the natural benefits and services provided by ecosystems in their undeveloped state.

Low Impact Development Center

The Low Impact Development Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Low Impact Development technology. Low Impact Development is a new, comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach with a goal of maintaining and enhancing the pre-development hydrologic regime of urban and developing watersheds.