In the winter of 1997, a group of concerned citizens formed the Aux Sable Creek Watershed Planning Committee.  The formation was prompted by the floods of 1996.  It was comprised of local citizens and community leaders. The group began to identify the resource concerns and soon realized that there was more to address than flooding.  Additional concerns identified at that time were soil erosion, loss of wetlands, development, degraded water quality, and loss of wildlife habitat, to name a few.  When the natural resource inventory reports were presented to the committee, they discovered how rich the resources for the Aux Sable Creek were, and for that reason, they felt that they should work together, and with others in the watershed, to try to preserve the beautiful watershed.

A Resource Document was created along with a Technical Document. The Technical Document published in March 2001 includes inventories, data analysis, and recommendations for each of the resource concerns.

April 5, 2001 the watershed plan was unveiled and the following year it was sent to every stakeholder and municipality in the watershed.