There are a lot of misconceptions about watersheds – “I don’t live near the stream, so I am not in a watershed,” or “Nobody asked me if I want to be part of this watershed,” or “Who designates watersheds?  Although streams are generally what people think of when you say watershed, it is a broader term encompassing all of the activity on the land that determines the health and well-being of a stream system. This section focuses on land management from the aspect of our natural areas, public and private. We also want to include those backyard oases that the Conservation@Home program encourages here because it provides a connection to the natural world right at home.

The proper management of the land within our watershed is critical to the health of the Aux Sable Creek. Healthy ecosystems have a greater ability to fend off invasive species and are able to hold soil in place as well as infiltrate rain water. They are rich in a diversity of plants, animals, birds, butterflies and other neat insects. They are a place of wonder and excitement. But they also need our stewardship, protection and admiration.  There are many ways that we can preserve, protect and restore our natural communities. The sections in this "On the Ground" segment of the website are inteded to provide guidance and recommendations for restoration projects.  We hope that as time progresses we can feature restoration projects in the watershed too.