Watershed Academy Webcasts

EPA's Watershed Academy sponsors free Webcast seminars. Local watershed organizations, municipal leaders, and others can visit the website to register for these free, on-line Webcast training sessions. During the Webcasts, trainees simultaneously log on to the Web and phone lines for a live training conducted by expert instructors. EPA plans to conduct monthly Webcast seminars.  Materials from past webcasts are also available on this website.

On-line Training in Watersheds

This Web site offers a variety of self-paced training modules that represent a basic and broad introduction to the watershed management field. The modules are organized into six themes.  See the list below. 

  • Introductory/Overview Modules
  • Watershed Ecology Modules
  • Watershed Change Modules
  • Analysis and Planning Modules
  • Management Practices Modules
  • Community/Social/Water Law Modules

Modules vary in the time to complete, ranging from ½ hour to 2 hours. Click here to learn more about the Watershed Academy Certificate Program.