Some streams in the Chicagoland area benefit from citizen and volunteer groups who get together to conduct an annual stream cleanup.  The Aux Sable Creek Watershed does not currently have such a program.  During the plan update in 2007-2009, concern over debris in the creek was noted.  The current concern is mainly over natural debris such as tree logs, branches and the like.  However, other human-made debris will likely be found in the creek in increasing frequency as development continues in the watershed.  This type of debris often finds its way into local waterways.   We’re currently looking for funding and resources to provide a stream cleanup program.  Such a program is an excellent way to involve the community and increase awareness about the Aux Sable Creek.  If you would like to partner on this project please contact us.









Contact Information

The Conservation Foundation

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Kendall County SWCD

(630) 553-5821 x3

Joan Soltwish, Aux Sable Creek Watershed Coalition

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